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10th Annual Saving the Elephants 5K & 10K Run/Walk

November 11, 9 amnoon.

Zimbabwe is home to the second largest population of African elephants in the world, and it is our responsibility as a global community to protect them now, and for future generations.

Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF) works tirelessly to support projects on-the-ground that are making the biggest difference to elephant conservation in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley. Over the past 5 years, Saving the Elephants Run has contributed an incredible $330,000 towards keeping elephants safe in Zimbabwe, all thanks to generous supporters like you.

This year, ZEF’s focus is two-fold: firstly, to support the rangers who operate on the frontlines of the fight to protect elephants and other wildlife, through the provision of equipment, family rations and vehicle support. ZEF’s second focus is the communities that live close to protected wildlife areas; building awareness of how to mitigate against contact with wildlife, especially elephants, and to encourage children to further their own knowledge and experience of wild animals through the use of virtual reality technology.

You can help ZEF achieve its goals by participating in the 10th Annual Saving the Elephants Run/Walk, by sharing ZEF’s work in elephant conservation across your networks, or raising additional funds for the specific needs listed below.


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