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18th Annual Dance Parade

May 18, noon7 pm.

Dance Parade New York is the world’s only parade to exclusively celebrate and showcase the diversity of dance. This annual celebration of eclectic dance styles from around the world boasts tens of thousands of dancers and spectators, more than 100 styles of dance and nearly 200 dance groups. The parade is a colorful explosion of beautiful dancers. A family and community favorite, the yearly parade is a one-of-a-kind display of New York’s richly diverse artistic community and the cohesive impact it has on the international community. The parade commences on Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) and 17th Street, travels south and turns East on to 8th Street. As it passes through Astor Plaza, Emcee Jerry Goldman announces each group with choreography at our Grandstand at 4th Avenue. We call this “40 Second” street because each group has 40 seconds to strut their stuff. The parade continues on Saint Marks Place and finishes at Avenue A. As the parade filters into the park, it transforms the space into a world of spirited dance displays and interactive activities. At DanceFest hours of on-stage performances, dance lessons, workshops, kids’ activities and dance parties await those attending this post-parade festival. Both the parade and festival are excellent ways to educate the community about the evolution of dance, the vital role it has played in cultures around the globe, and the importance of supporting the organizations and individuals who work so hard to preserve and promote this vital art form.

Photo by Leonard Rosmarin


6th Ave. and 17th Street
New York, NY 10036 United States