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New York City Jewelry Week


New York, New York – November 7, 2022: From November 14-20 NYC Jewelry Week (NYCJW) will return to host its fifth annual platform celebrating the joy of jewelry. NYCJW22 welcomes a global audience to experience a hybrid model of IRL and URL programs with over 125 panels, performances, exhibitions, tours, storytelling, and shopping. The week will provide an opportunity for first looks at new and upcoming designers alongside the best and brightest veterans within the industry including Oscar Heyman, Loren Nicole, Jacqueline Rabun, Nina Runsdorf, TenThousandThings, Verdura, and Vania Leles, the company of jewelry authorities such as Amy Elliot, Marion Fasel, Melanie Grant, Ming Liu, Jill Newman, and Stellene Volandes leading important and thoughtful events and dialogues on jewelry at iconic city locations.


Throughout history, we have marked our most precious human moments with jewelry: in an heirloom passed down from generation to generation, in the acceptance of an engagement ring, in the exchange of friendship bracelets as children. Jewelry serves not simply as a marker of these times and moments, but as a signifier of what we have in common, from ancient civilizations to today; at the intersection of material and meaning, we find jewelry and our collective pursuit of JOY. Through NYCJW’s 2022 edition, participants are invited to celebrate the grand scope of what jewelry can offer us in light of human connection: community, unity, and JOY.