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What to do if you get stuck on the side of the road

November 30, 2022.
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Getting stranded on the side of the road is never fun, whether you run out of petrol, a flat tire or have been in an accident. Nobody desires to experience a car accident in the mid of the road. Being taken care might be sometimes expensive, risky, and inconvenient. The worst thing that might happen does not know what to do while having a breakdown. Being stranded in the halfway of nowhere is preferable to always being prepared for the worst.

The first step any car user should take to guarantee they don’t run into any unforeseen troubles when going for a drive somewhere. Roadside assistance is a feature that many car users may discover to be extremely crucial to have. Roadside assistance services help drivers or the bikers whose cars have broken down mechanically and left them stranded.

 Roadside assistance help is one of the finest ways to safely get off a breakdown or emergency on the side of the road.

Here are some of the tips  when stuck on the side of the road.

  • You must contact roadside assistance services right away at the number provided if your automobile breaks down and to start the recovery process and retrieve your mobile device.  You also stay with or in the car and wait for assistance; In some times the team will be sent to reach your location and recovery of your car. 
  • It could be possible to park your car as far away from the road as you can. You should not let your car to be crashed or for your family to at risk as you you didn’t pull over long enough; other car drivers can be diverted while driving and things can happen. At least two feet should separate you from the edge of the road.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the hazardous light to set a warning sign to the drivers that the car is broken down.
  • Always keep an emergency pack in your car, that said. When travelling during the winter or when the route and destination need more driving, stock up on extra accessories. A first aid kit stuff, flashlights, some additional batteries, warm blankets, warning lights and reflective warning signs, emergency flames, common tools, washer fluid, and jumper cables can all be included in this. In order to ensure self-care, water bottles are also fruitful to carry with.
  • Use the items in your emergency kit as soon as possible if you need to treat a minor wound while you wait for roadside assistance services.
  • It is to make sure the car is maintained on regular basis, and check the jack and spare tire that are on board often. It should be able to jump-start a dead battery and change a tire.


 How does Roadside Assistance can help?

Even if you took some time to have your car serviced and sustained, you never know when a mechanical problem, a flat tire, or another circumstance can happen to prevent you from travelling as planned. But, No matter where you’re automobile is, at home, at work, in a parking lot, or it may be by the side of the road. A roadside assistance service company can be helpful to provide you some support. 

We at Towing bee provide the various roadside assistance services:

  • Emergency fueling
  • Flat tire
  • Jumpstart a Car
  • Lockouts Car
  • 24/7 Towing Services
  • Tow Winching & Pull out Services
  • Flatbed Towing
  •  Emergency Roadside Assistance


Our tow truck service is available in the Queen & Manhathon regions. We provide 24-hour roadside assistance. We offer the most modern tools and cutting-edge technologies in our tow truck services. Any kind of car damage is subject to a free estimate from us. We don’t charge more whether you pick up or drop off items earlier or later. We are always there to assist you. Call us now at (646) 777-2304.

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Fast & Reliable: 

If you need a fast and reliable tow service at roadside assistance, we’re here to help.We provide all auto repair work. Just give us a call at (646) 777-2304) or email us at [email protected] and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Fastest Response Time: We understand how frustrating it is to wait around for hours while your car is stuck on roadside Assistance & stuck in the sand. We commit to responding to your request as fast as we can and providing the finest outcome. In less than 15  minutes, we’ll be there if you need a tow truck. 

Affordable Auto Repair: Our tow services provide excellent customer service at competitive prices. We want to make sure that everyone can afford to drive their cars without worrying about the cost of repairs.

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